Down to You

First love.
We've all been through it.

It can really take a hold of you.
Make you do some pretty crazy things.

They remind me of my first love.

Imogen would never wear
that much jewelry.

And I wouldn't be caught dead
in shoes like that.

-Your coffee. I'm sorry about the wait.

I remember when I first met her.
It was in this...

cool dive we used
to hang out at.

I guess we thought it was cool
because they didn't check IDs, but...

she sure looked great
that night.

There's no way! No way!
No way!
There's no way!
No way.

Get outta here!
-Totally true.
-You're such a liar.

-They'd never had anyone so talented.
-They said that? For real?

-They want to put me under contract.
-You did it with a chick...

somebody filmed. I can go to the store
and rent it. You got paid US$2,5OO?

-Right, but they will tax that.
-This is the most uncanny thing...

...I've ever heard of.
-She's supposed to stop by later.

-My co-star.

Hold on! You're telling me, the one
that you hot-housed in the movie...

:02:42 coming here tonight?
-Are you two going out now?

She's cool, but I'm not into dating
people at the office.

Wait. Just hold it. Monk, c'mon,
you gotta break me into this business.

Look at me and then look at you.
I'm far better looking.

No doubt in my mind
that you are, my friend.