Down to You

She's really cool once you get to
know her. Do you wanna come?

I'd like to, but you should go
rage with the freshmen.

-I have my internship tomorrow.
-Doing what?

My dad has a cooking show,
so I'm learning about TV.

But I kinda would really like
to be a cook myself.

-Is he the chef?
-He's Chef Ray.

Your dad is Chef Ray?
Now Al, I want you to get this.
You cut into a piece of Jarlsberg...

you do not abuse the rind.
You don't say...

well, the rind is an inch big,
so I'm just gonna cut and chuck it.

You cut at the edge,
right here.

You know how much you're gonna
save? Are you seeing this?

You start adding these up,
that's fondue for a nation, buddy.

-Yes, Daddy.
-"Yes, Daddy". You are so smart.

My mom gave me one of his books. She
actually thinks I'm gonna cook here.

I'm in Sullivan's if you wanna come
over and listen to music sometime.

I'd like that.
Skinny. Do you know where
the man they call Horse is?

Actually, he just left.

Well, I guess that
just leaves you and me.

-So you're in the business too?
-No. No.

-I'm Al. Monk's room-mate.
-Al, Monk's room-mate...

:08:50 Cyrus a drink.
-A friend of his is a friend of mine.

-She'll have a...
-An Old-Fashioned.

And a beer.