Down to You

...what kind of name is Cyrus?
-A man's.

Can I ask you a favor, Al?
Pass this to the Ox.
He's expecting it.

-Do you go to school with us?
-I was at the MIT doing chemistry.


I'm taking a break
to explore myself.

Kinda like taking a break
to find yourself?

I'm looking to share myself.
And it looks like the
Sixties are in town.

Come on, you guys.
You're the cutest one
in New York.

I got the most incredible rush
when I hugged him that night.

But as a freshman I made a rule
for myself: no boyfriends.

In high school, I was always in
relationships. For the first time...

I just wanted to be free to have a good
time. But after seeing him in the bar...

What can I say?
I couldn't help myself.