Down to You

-Can you smell the essence, Emogin?

-Yes, it's very nice.

You know, it's like in music.
You know how tone is intangible?

This is tone, except to the palate.
It is so powerful.

Easy, tiger! We don't want her to think
we're part of some epicurean cult.

All right, I need the pepper now.
Right now. A little sprinkle, okay?

That's a shower,
not a sprinkle.

You have to learn to live
in the in-between.

So, how long have you
guys been together?

-Two months.
-And a week.

-But, who's counting?
-Do you have a song?

-Actually, no.
-Not yet.

-But everybody should have a song.
-We have a song.

I'm not going to sing it.
I got a great idea. Why don't I show
Imogen my record collection?

Then you can pick out a track. And
I can dedicate it to you on the air.

This is perfect, come here.
I keep everything upstairs.

Alfred, she is adorable.
Get back to those potatoes.

-What song did my mom suggest?
-Something personal and timeless.

-A classic.

-"You Can Be My Bitch", by Master B?
-The live version or radio edit?

Live, since he burns the stage down
and starts a riot.

Very nice.

-How about "Endless Love"?
-Doesn't one of them die in the end?

Good point.
-I've got it.

A little soul
is necessary in life.