Drowning Mona

Yeah. Too bad Jeff
wasn't ridin' shotgun.

That would've been funny.
Ever so gracefully...
the yellow Hugo...
sort of foating...

It was almost slow motion-like.
And it did a swan dive
right into the river.

- A swan dive, huh?
- It was tragic and frightening...

yet beautiful
in an obtuse way.

- What'd he say?
- Clarence?

He said she drove into the river.
You know, Feege,
I was looking around up top...

and there was something
very odd about this.

- What's that?
- There are no skid marks.

She never hit the brakes.
We should do some checking to see if she
suffered from any medical conditions...

like narcolepsy or something.
Could've been " Barstein" syndrome.
Rash, she was a lousy driver.
It probably caught up with her.

- You knew her pretty well, didn't you?
- Our paths crossed time to time.

Juliet, Echo, Papa, Hotel.
You had that little thing with her
a while back? A bit of an altercation?

Let me see your hands!
Let me see your hands!
- Why'd you pull us over, Feege?
- Let me think about that for a second.

A: You're riding on rims. And B: Just
went 2,800 on an officer of the law.

And C: What the hell's
the matter with you, Jeff? Oh, boy!

Look what you did!
- I didn't do nothin'!
- You scared him half to death!

- He's drunk!
- No, he ain't!

Get out of here, ya jerk!
That's okay, baby.
Everything's okay. Mommy's here now.

Yes. Okay, baby.
You're gonna pay for this, Feege.
You just lost a lawn service, pal!