Erin Brockovich

The husband's sick with Hodgkin's.
She keeps getting tumours...
...believing one has nothing
to do with the other.

Because PG&E told her
about the chromium?

They had a seminar.
They invited 200 people
from the area...

...had it at the plant...
...about chromium three
and how good it is...

...when they're using chromium six.
That document you found
at the water board...

...the one that says
about the bad chromium....

You didn't happen to make a copy,
did you?

Of course I did.
Could I have a look?
I want a raise.
And benefits, including dental.
It's not how I do business.
-What way is that?

A 5% raise, we'll talk
about benefits later.

Ten. There are lots of other places
I could get work.

1 0% raise and benefits, but that's it.
I'm drawing the line.

He's drawing the line.
This the only thing you got?
Well, the place is a pigsty.
There's probably more.

I know how those things are run.
What makes you think
you can just walk in there...

...and find what we need?
They're called boobs, Ed.
Yes, l'm sure it is.
I understand.