Essex Boys

You all right ?
That bastard's done this
to me before.

He got the last one pregnant.
Another little blond bit.
He had a little boy with her.
You see...
I can't have kids, Billy.
[ Sniffles ]

That was a fucking laugh,
weren't it, for everyone else ?

Everyone looking at me, knowing.
The joke is--
I actually waited for him.

[ Sighs ]
I used to sit
behind him in class.

did you know that ?
I thought he was God's gift.
All the girls fancied him.
But I got him.
I thought I was
such a lucky girl.

Lisa. Lisa !
Wait, hold on. I don't think
we should, all right.

It's not that
I don't want to.

Thanks, Billy.
Thanks for not taking advantage of me
when I'm like this.

Most of the other guys
would have jumped on me.