Finding Forrester

You gotta kill an army to hide here.
-Y'all play too much.

Remember Shurrita?
She used to live below The Window?
She calls me up this one night,
bugging, dog. Bugging.

Saying she heard this tapping
from upstairs by The Window's place.

While she was on the phone,
she started screaming, dog.

Because now the tapping made
its way down the stairs somehow.

-...tap, tap.
-Listen to him, fool.

And now it was on
the other side of her door, dog.

She could tell there was some
type of knife he was tapping with.

Before she can even hang up,
the phone disconnected.

-That's the last time we seen her.
-Shurrita from across the street?

Come on, man, yo.
You know that girl is a crack ho.

No, no, she was nice.
Listen, man, all l know is
that The Window's bad news.

Rules was, you go outside,
you stay away from The Window's place.

-No, stay away from your lying ass.
-Yo, J, you believe me, right?

You full of shit, dog.
So let me guess.
So you'd go up in there, right?

lt's an old man
looking out a window, man.

-You'll go?
-He won't go.

-So you'll go up there?
-Let them know, J.

-He's not gonna go.
-This nigga's scared.

Yo, l got the next call.

l dare you to go up there, right?
Right? Right?
-Whatever, man. l'll go up there.

-He's going.
-Big shot. Superman.

-Bring it, son.
-That's my dog.

You feel me.
D, l believe you, dog.
Man, shut up.
Go to class or something.

Here, man, sit over here, son.
Are you kidding me?
Stop playing with me.

-lt's a vibrant thing. Go over there.

Here, take your apple too.