Finding Forrester

Good to see you.
Have a seat here.

Thank you.
We got Jamal's test scores
back this week.

-Test scores?
-Assessment tests.

The state education department
requires all kids to take them.

He didn't tell you?
Mrs. Wallace,
Jamal maintains a C average.

Which means he does just enough
to get by without standing out.

Now, what makes Jamal's case
unusual are his test results.

Oh, my God.
l see him reading all
these books all the time.

Books l never read.
Some l never even heard of.

And he's always writing
in his notebooks.

Ever since his father left.
But that's what l see.
All he ever talks about is basketball.
Basketball is where
he gets his acceptance.

Kids don't care about
what he puts down on paper.

Let's go! Between the yellow lines!
Let's go!

Yo, T.
What up, Fly?
-How you?

Look, look. You looking
for tickets, little bro?

Dead tonight.
Sorry about that.
Come on, man.
We know you got tickets.

l got four words for you:
Bos-ton Red Sox. All right?

The Yanks and Sox tickets, they damn
near been sold out almost a month.

All right, Mr. Fly?
And by the way, why don't you go
tell Camry boy over there...

...that he need to back up
his little cheap-ass bumper...

...on that Mercedes there.
Go handle that.
Let's go, Fly! Let's go!

What the hell, Jamal? Moms called.
Tell me about the test.
What's up with that?

-Nothing, man.
-What do you mean, nothing?

This in the way of your plans?
Remember, it was your plan first, T.
Yeah, l know.
A little college ball and all.

Then start signing checks,
solving everybody else's problems.