Finding Forrester

Come on, man, l know you in there.
Take your goddamn hand off my door!
l just came to drop off
that thing you asked me for.

What thing?
The 5000 words on why you wanted me
to stay out of your place.

That's kind of the way you said it.
Well, try remembering it
exactly as l said it.

Come on in, Jamal.
Hi, honey.
lt's okay.
Sit down.
Mrs. Wallace, Jamal. When we got
your recent test scores...

...we figured there may be some
interest from private schools.

Well, it turns out we were right.
Mr. Bradley.
Jamal, Mrs. Wallace,
my name's David Bradley.

l'm with the Mailor School
in Manhattan.

-Mailor? Mailor-Callow?
-That's right. You familiar with us?

Jamal, Mailor-Callow is not only
the best prep school in the city...

:23:46's one of the finest
private schools in the East.

Only the best go there.
You may know we're a few weeks
into our fall term...

...but every year
we hold some openings...

...while we wait
for test scores to come in.

Jamal, your test scores...