Finding Forrester

What an asshole.
One hand to give, one hand to receive.
As we eat together in unity...

...may our minds, bodies
and spirits grow strong...

...and congratulations to Jamal.

Did you see this?
-Let me see.
-Don't mess it up.

Wait a minute.
From the cover this look like
the funny-man school to me.

Terrell, eat your food.
You'll be fine, big bro, because
Mommy don't make nothing but soldiers.

You could have done the same thing.
l work at a parking lot. And l ain't
no regular parking attendant.

l am the supervisor
of all the parking attendants.

You don't know how much
you'll make from week to week.

One week it's $50,
one week it's $1 00.

-That's not a real job.
-Leave him alone.

Ma, look, l rap, l get busy.
You know l got my rap thing going.

Don't bring up the rap.
Eat your food.

-You don't want to hear my songs?

l'll sing it for you now.
When l come due
And l blow the spot

Yourson is supervisor
Of the parking lot

Tell her, Jamal.
My choice is hot, right?