Finding Forrester

Jamal Wallace?
Hi, l'm Claire Spence.
Bradley asked me to show you around.
All right.
Come on.
Don't worry about answering
any questions or anything.

Not till you decide
what you're gonna do.

Besides, the teachers here...
...aren't all that into
student participation.

They're busy listening
to themselves talk.

-What do you mean?
-You'll see.

This morning we begin our third
required reading of the semester...

...the study of a novel
that offers everything...

...and an author who could
have offered much more.

That's Robert Crawford.
Been here as long
as most of the buildings.

When William Forrester was 23,
in 1 953...

...he set out to write his first book.
Many aspiring authors talk about
writing the great 20th-century novel...

...well, William Forrester did it.
On his first try.
Have you read this?
Yeah, you?
Only about a dozen times.
This was the only one
he chose to publish.

For all we know it was the only one
he chose to write.

Your job over the next week--
Your job over the next week
is to read it and tell me why.

:32:36 gonna be back tomorrow?
Yeah, they want me to spend
some time on the court.

Yeah, l heard.
Graduation was a little rough
on last year's team, that's all.

But it's just like college, right?
You get an education,
and they get what they want.

Maybe you both get what you want.
Yeah, maybe.
lt was very nice meeting you, Jamal.