Finding Forrester

My court, man. My court.
That's how we play down here.
That's right.
Hartwell's just a rich kid...
...who wants as much of the spotlight
as he can get his senior year.

That's all it is.
They take things real serious
around here.

Well, it's a serious place.
Serious enough l usually end up
here, getting lunch on my books.

What are you working on?
Forrester's book.
l thought you read it.
l know, but look at this.
My dad got it for me.
lt's an early printing.
Listen, l gotta go.
But you just got here.
l know, but...
...l forgot something.
l gotta check up on something.
l'll see you later.
''Born 1 930.
ln Scotland.''
''Moved to New York with his family
in his late teens.

Mr. Forrester was unavailable
for comment.''

Yeah, l bet he was.
Are we now planning
to make these visits a habit?

Are we now planning
to make these visits a habit?

-You said you knew l'd be coming back.
-Yes, but l thought you meant once.

l need some help with
this thing at school.

Ah, yes, this thing at school.