Finding Forrester

Just so you know,
you handled that the right way.

How's that?
You didn't say anything.
lt's the ones that do
that run into trouble.

-John Coleridge.
-Jamal Wallace.

So how many people do say something?
And actually stay in Crawford's class?
Not many.
l missed what you said.
l didn't say anything.
You read all these?
No, l just keep them
to impress all my visitors.

All your visitors.
We talk about your book at school.
People have been talking
about it for years.

They just haven't been
saying anything.

Yeah, l think l got it down, though.
l figure you were writing
about how life never works out.

Oh, really? You had to
read a book to figure that out?

Yeah, but Crawford's
messed up on it anyhow.

Says the guy having trouble
after the war is really you.

Some symbolism shit for the problems
you were having with everybody.

Robert Crawford?
Yeah, l think it's bullshit, though.
l think there really was
somebody else.

Mr. Johannsen?
Mr. Massie! Another trip
to your favorite destination.

l've got four bags today.
l can leave them.

Oh, no, no.
Come right in.
How you doing, Mr. Johannsen?
At least a half-hour
before the sun goes down.

Then you can begin your
panic-driven quest back to Manhattan.

This should last you till next week.
Your mail is in...
...this one.
-Mr. Johannsen?
-Essentials are in--