Finding Forrester

-The scarlet tanager.
-lt's, ''What is the scarlet tanager?''

What is the scarlet tanager?.
Gotta know the rules to play.
lt was written by a writer
you have never heard of.

''Thy duty, winged flame of spring
ls but to love and fly and sing.''
He was writing about the song
of the tanager.

A song about new seasons, new life.
That's James Lowell, man.
l know who he is.
''l'll stay with 'Poor Assumptions'
for 800, Alex.''

You ever see any
scarlet tanagers around here?

They don't stray that far
from the park.

So your professor wasn't exactly
full of praise this afternoon.

No, not exactly.
Well, there's something you should
know about Robert Crawford.

He wrote a book
a few years after mine.

And all the publishers rejected it,
which was the right decision.

And instead of writing another one...
...he took a job
teaching others how to write.

How you know all that?
Just keep in mind that
bitterly disappointed teachers...

...can be either very effective
or very dangerous.