Finding Forrester

Well, the risk is doing it too much.
lt's a distraction. lt could
give the piece a run-on feeling.

But for the most part,
the rule on ''and'' or ''but''...

:01:10 the start is still pretty shaky.
Even though it's taught
in many schools by many teachers.

Some of the best writers
have ignored that rule for years...

...including you.
Well, you've taken...
...something which was mine...
...and made it yours.
That's quite an accomplishment.
Thank you.
The title is still mine, isn't it?
l guess.
Now, it was the neighborhood
that changed. Not me.

l ain't seen nothing change.
You ''ain't seen nothing''?
What in the hell kind
of sentence is that? Huh?

When you're in here,
don't talk like you do out there.

l was messing with you, man.
lt was a joke.

l want to hear
about the neighborhood...

...back when people
still read your book.

What did you say?
You said, ''back when people
still read my book.''

Didn't you?
We have 24 copies.
But l'm sorry. They're checked out.
Oh. Well, thank you, anyway.
You're welcome.
Any luck?
Did you get on the waiting list?
Yeah, man, your book was checked out.
And yes...
...l did pay for dinner.
lt cost me $1 3,
so l guess you made your point.

l called to see what kind of
food you wanted, but it kept ringing.