Finding Forrester

That's a serious accusation, Robert.
You come to the board
with something like this....

l'm aware of how serious it is.
lt's remarkable work.
You recognize any of it?
lt smacks of something.
But l don't know.
The boy does well in my class.
He had good scores coming in.
Maybe all he needed was direction.
Carl, he's a basketball player...
...from the Bronx.
Who just happens
to have won 1 7 straight...

...for a school that likes winning.
Robert, have you considered
that he might just be that good?

Not this good.
Do you know what
the absolute best moment is?

lt's when you've finished
your first draft...

...and you read it by yourself.
Before these assholes
take something...

...that they couldn't do
in a lifetime...

...and tear it down in a single day.
People love that book, man.
l didn't write it for them.
And when the critics
started all this bullshit...