Finding Forrester

l didn't keep track of the time.
Sorry for losing you back there.
No apology needed.
Good, because l got one more place.
lt's quiet and it's on the way home.

You only got 1 0 minutes.
-All right.
-Keep it going.

-Take that. lt's all good.
-Thanks a lot.

Ground level.
House that Ruth built.
Why did you bring me here?
Because it's your birthday, man.
l looked it up in the almanac.
They don't even have you
in the dead people section yet.

l figure with all
the games you watched...

...with whoever you watched them with,
you never got down this close.

-What the hell are they doing?
-What you worried about, man?

You acting like they gonna play
a World Series championship game.

My brother and l,
we were here for every game.

Till he left for the war.
l thought it'd be the same
when he came back...

...but he talked a little less...
...and drank a little more.
l promised my mother l would
help him get through it all.

So l caught up with him
this one night...

...and l was already
half a dozen drinks behind.

So we had a few more.
And after a while
he tells me he wants...