Finding Forrester

Either you've been blessed with a rare
gift that has suddenly kicked in...

:22:10're getting your inspiration
from elsewhere.

Given your previous education
and your background...

...l'm sure you'll forgive me
for reaching my own conclusions.

l wrote those papers, man.
Then you won't mind showing me.
The next assignment
is due in two weeks.

l'll schedule some time
for you to come to my office.

l'd like you to write it there.
ln the meantime, if there's anything
you wish to talk about....

l'm not writing anything, man.
Which proves what?
lf a two-comma kid wrote the papers,
would he use this ''background'' shit?

-Two-comma kid?
-A million dollars.

-One comma, two commas.

No, l don't.
Do you know what people
are most afraid of?

-What they don't understand.

When we don't understand,
we turn to our assumptions.

Crawford cannot understand...
:23:12 a black kid from the Bronx
can write the way you do.

So he assumes you can't.
Just like l assume he's an asshole.
You knew him, didn't you?
But he thought he knew me.
So what's all this stuff
about his book?

A lot of writers know
the rules about writing...

-...but don't know how to write.

So Crawford wrote a book
about four authors who did know.

And l was the only one still alive.
-He convinced a publisher to buy it.

So l made a polite telephone call...
:23:54 this publisher,
telling him and others...

...that l was in the process
of writing a second book.