Finding Forrester

The rich tradition of handing
in competition entries...

...on the final day continues...
...for yet another year.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...may l have your attention...
...please, if you don't mind.
''Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade
Death came with friendly care
The opening bud to heaven convey'd--''
How nice of you to join us.
That's not part of the poem.
''And bade it blossom there.''

A little more early morning
reticence than usual.

Mr. Coleridge.
Mr. Coleridge...
:25:54 many students would you say
we have here today?

l'm not sure.
Perhaps you could
humor us with a guess.


And of that 30, there isn't one person
who knows the author of that passage.

l find that remarkable.
Don't you, Mr. Coleridge?

Perhaps we should back into this.
ln looking at this, what, if any,
conclusions might we be able to draw?

You mean about the author?
About anything.
Do any of the words
strike you as unusual?

Feel free to view this as
the appropriate time for a response.

''Ere.'' And why is that unusual?
:26:51 sounds old.
lt does sound old, doesn't it?
And you know why
it sounds old, Mr. Coleridge?