Finding Forrester

l turned it in.
l turned it in.
l had to show them something.

You promised me anything we wrote
in here would stay in here.

l know!
-l just thought--
-Shut up.

What are they telling you?
l go on probation unless l write
a letter saying l was wrong.

Then write the letter.
l said l'm not writing anything.
You got him, he gets you.
Write the letter.

And you'd let him do that?
ls this supposed to be
another damn lesson?

l'm tired of all these lessons
every time l come here.

So your title's
at the top of my paper.

-What's the lesson in that?
-l'm not the one who turned it in.

Yeah, but you were the one
who just had to say:

''Keep this one here because
it got printed in The New Yorker.''

That's all you had to say, man.
-l could use some help on this one.
-Oh, no. That's not an option.

-You don't even have to go--
-l said that's not an option.

That's all right, man.
Got a nice history
of people not helping me.

Oh, Christ. Not that self-pity,
father bullshit.

What did you say?
Man, fuck you, William!
The real bullshit
is me taking it on this one...

...because you won't
walk out the door...

...and do something for somebody else.
You're too damn scared, man!

That's the only damn reason.
You don't know
a goddamn thing about reasons.

There are no reasons!
Reasons why some of us live
and why some of us don't.

Fortunately, you have decades
to figure that out.

What's the reason for having a cabinet
full of writing nobody ever reads?