Finding Forrester

A little closer than l thought.
That's why l thought it might be
a good time for us to talk.

l know it's difficult handling classes
with the time you spend on the court.

l couldn't handle that load.
Not at this school.

And maybe it was unfair of us
to ask you to do it.

l talked to the board members
and to Crawford...

...we don't want to pursue this
any more than you do. Any of it.

l'm here to present you with an offer.
We forget about the whole thing.

Next year, your academic schedule
will be less demanding.

You mean Crawford wanted that?
Crawford wants what's best for you
and for the school.

So, what am l supposed to do?
You hold up a championship trophy
at the end of this tournament.

You make that happen,
l'll make the rest of it happen.

All right?
Now go finish up
what you came here to do.

Let's go, Pilgrims!
Let's go, Pilgrims!

Okay, let's go! Throw it to Jamal!
Damn, man. Come on, man!
Defense! Defense!
Jamal, get the ball!