We were so happy...!
Really. Me, my mom and Aman
were so happy!

Your papa- May God give him
a place in heaven... used to say...

Daughters are borne only in the
families blessed by God.

Does it mean when God isn't happy
happy He gives sons to them?

Stupid girl! That saying goes
because daughters are helpful.

Presently, you're helping her...!
- Why are you jealous about it?

Let me take out the useless
thoughts stuffed in your head.

Which useless thoughts?
Stop my elder sister mom,
else I'll get mad on her.

Fiza. Don't upset my son.
Let him watch the movie.
I've seen it 10 times.
I'm waiting for the news.

Have you any idea what is going
on in the city?

What's there in the news!
When mischievous leaders have
nothing else they start riots.

Death to leaders who instigate
innocent people to bloodshed.

They may go unpunished here, but
will be punished in God's world.

In our conversation I lost the
sense of time.

It's so late. Go and sleep now.
Watch the news tomorrow.
- No mom! Wait a minute.

No more TV.
Oh mom!
- It's very late son.

Why do you say 'Good Night'?
Can't you Say "Shab-e-Khair"?