Oh, and they say romance is dead.
lt'd make our friendship stronger.
ls that right?
He's out.
He'll never know.
Am l alone in this?
l was right.
l felt absolutely nothing.

Well, l felt something!
lf we start the rumor three times,
when it came back. . .

. . .we could trace it
and see whose moved the fastest.

Doesn't your head hurt?
Then l thought,
"This is not some stupid race. "

People will spread
it back and forth anyway.

None of the lines will match.
lt's like chaos theory.

There's gonna be a lot of noise.
lt's like rapid gunfire.

You really are not in
the least bit hung-over?

See, he's figured out a way
to make it art.

Travis, this is very good.
Now all we have to do
is tell the story.

-lf we do this.
-What do you mean, "lf we do this"?

Wait. Jones, this was your idea.
l know, but l don't have anything
against these people.

Aside from the Mont Blanc
and Daddy's limo.

All right.
So you don't like her,
but you don't want to be mean. . .

. . .because you're from Plymouth, where
the Pilgrims are from, and they wore. . .