Based on the well-known quote:
''Did l say murder? Yes, of course!
Soldiers are murderers.''

Of course, the Brownshirts see red!
Who will they press charges against?
A pseudonym?

lgnaz Wrobel.
All Berlin knows you wrote it.
The text is a year old.
Times are getting tough.
As if writing could change things.
lt can. . .Your life.
ls your editorial finished?
Hurry up, Kurt, or you'll miss
more than just your train.

Alright. . .good luck.
l want your article on my desk
in two minutes, and no mistakes!

Just a minute!
What about the love story
l suggested to you?

The love story. Dear maestro,
what do you want?
An ironic tale with tender feelings
and a colorful cover.

Love! At a time like this!
Love nowadays?

People want something
besides politics,

to give their girlfriend.

Perhaps a little summer tale.
Wonderful! The very thing
for a writer like you!

Listen, Kurt! The contents
can be as free as you like.

Are you sure?
Absolutely. As long as
it doesn't get me jailed.

Like your editorials
will do some day.

And 1 5 percent commission
like last time?

1 5 percent
is my only means of existence.

Publishers only pretend to be human.
1 4 percent!
You won't get a word from me.