l start writing at 1 2 percent.
That's impossible!
Oh, alright. 1 2 percent. . .
Does that mean ''yes?''
Thank you. Goodbye.
Freimann and Sons called a 2rd time
to inquire about the unpaid soap
from last November.

And Oppenheimer complained
he hasn't been paid for 5 months.

Off you go!
Your temporary replacement
can't wait to get started.

Don't forget to mail the letters.
Have a nice vacation.
l will.

l hate him, l hate him, l hate him.
Why don't you kill him?
Someone else is taking care of that.
All l do is write letters explaining
that he can't pay his bills.

lf they stop delivering,
he threatens not to pay at all.

So they deliver
until we don't pay again.

Then he calls them
Jewish scoundrels.

A kiss for Lydia.
Someone once said
our lives consist of moments,

moments we recall in the very
last seconds of our lives.

Looking back on my life,
the most important moment
was the summer of 1 922,

the most important time of my life.