because there's no summer in Sweden.
That's what Mrs. Kremser said.

ls it really that cold up there?
lt's strange. Every time
Germans think about Sweden. . .

Not like that. Like this.
They think,
Swedish punch. . .very cold.
Matches. . .very cold.
Blond women. . .very cold.
lt isn't so cold in Sweden.
ls your editorial finished?
As if writing could change anything.
l'm 24, and l still don't know
why a ship floats on water.
lt weighs too much.
With the anchor and the smokestack
and the train cars.

lt's the oxygen in the bulkheads.
The specific gravity of water.
The higher the water column,

the more water is displaced.
That's why it floats.

Shut up! lf you use so many
technical terms, it must be fishy.

lt's a shame you're so stupid.
l'm a writer. What do you expect?
We're being devoured.
Why the frown?
You'll see Germany again in 5 weeks.