To buy buttons.
Nice money.
We should be very careful with it.

l'm not the baron, only his guest.
Yes, those two. Thank you.
l hope you are enjoying your stay.
Your husband. . .
He isn't mature enough for more.

You know how sensitive
men are today.

At first, they complain,
that they aren't taken seriously.

But a proposal. . .

lf l accept it before he asks,
he suddenly gets the shakes
and goes to bed.

Thank you for your generosity. . .
Nonsense. Stay as long as you like.
Marry this woman,
and raise her children right here.

Or do you love your country so much
that you rule out this possibility?
The love for my country
is difficult.

Nonsense, you dunderheadas.
Excuse my Swedish.

A man who writes such passionate and
intelligent things about Germany. . .

and such poetic things,
must love it.

You have someone
who truly admires you, Kurt.

l thought that was my privilege.
l must leave you here alone now.
l'm leaving early tomorrow.
Goodbye, dear Princess.
Mrs. Andersson
will take care of you.

Thank you, Baron.
Make my home your castle.
Good night.
Good night. . .

Sleep tight.
How did you earn all this,
you creep?