To the summer residence.
The lady's talisman.
No eavesdropping here, sir.
But you could make yourself useful
and fix us a nightcap.

Fine, madame.
What would you like?
Water, water or water?

Swedish water.
Schnapps for me.
You'll stink all night.
Who's gonna kiss me?
The castle ghost.
Find yourself another nest.
Billie's going to sleep with me
tonight. You don't mind?

How could l?
l was seeking solitude here.

Want one, too?
Are you going back for the trial?
Would you?
''You have to face your problems,''
as Jacob always says.

lf l had his problems,
l'd listen to my instincts
and not to my own necessity.

Can you revoke it?
Of course.
Should l deny myself?
Sometimes you need courage
to be a coward. lt wouldn't hurt.

What have they got on you anyway?
You're an educated young man.
And you know about
the history of totalitarian,

power-hungry populists.
First, they go after
the writers and journalists. . .

real journalists,
and not these corrupt serfs.

They are silenced.
Then their books are burned.