Then it's the artists' turn.
Then the court jesters'. . .

Jews first.
Don't give me that nonsense.
Who would sacrifice
his intelligence?

Our people need law and order
and self-confidence

after the chaos of the past,
a future worth living for.
Or dying for.
Karl, we're holding speeches. . .
of the worst kind.

lt hurts to even listen. Terrible.
lt hurts me
to see you this way, Kurt.

You've become so pessimistic.
l don't hardly know you.

Where is your famous irony?
l lost it somewhere.
How did we become friends?
Come on, let's play a round.
Try your best, Kurt.
What l want to do?
Take a walk around the area.

Good job, Billie.
l couldn't have done any better.

Thanks, but the tire is useless.
Oh no, can we fix it?
Alright, gentlemen.
Let's get cracking.

We need some sort of jack.
You got 2 wheels anyway.
One of 'em should fit.