Harte Jungs

What is it?
Why are you staring at my bust?
I'm not, I was looking at your shirt.
Are the 'Smurfs' your favorite?
Yes, I've seen every episode.
They're cute,
especially Smurfette
She's just so... womanly.

Y'know, I've always
wanted to be like her.

I suppose you are aware this
woman was the only female
in the Smurf village.

Doesn't it seem odd that out of all
those little blue characters
she was the only female?

No, I never thought about it
before today.

They just laugh and have fun
all week long. It's weird. What are
they happy about?

Stuck in a village full of
male dwarfs. Think about it,
that's not normal.

So what happens?
They get aggressive.

What's your point?
Hey, I'm just saying,
why don't these men have more
fights when they're competing
to go out with that one female?

They should have leveled that
village by now. It should be all
smoke and blood and blue carcasses.

Then I came up with it.
Y'know why Smurfville never
wiped itself out?

It's real simple
Smurfette gives herself freely
to all the male smurfs.

She sleeps around?
Yeah, Smurfette's the whore
of the village.

She does them all
Everyone lives happily ever after.

No question, Smurfette's
the coolest chick around.

Thank's a lot, you've ruined
my whole childhood.