Hellraiser: Inferno

Does he work
for the Engineer?

Huh? I don't know
no Engineer.

- Bernie.
- I don't know no Engineer.

What the hell, man!
Stop it!
Joe, why are you treating me like this?

What am I,
your whipping boy?

You wanna go downtown,
Bernie? Huh?

Impound you van,
explain your daily activities?

- You remember the last time.
- Okay, I... Shit! Okay.

I want the Engineer, Bernie.
Who is he?

I never met him. I swear to God.
I just heard stories.

This guy Terry,
he used to run women
for the Engineer.

A few years back the Engineer
sends Terry this new girl.

poor bastard...

pulls up his pants one day
and finds out he's in love.

Well, they decide
they're gonna get married.

But the Engineer said no.
So Terry
just takes her away.

I mean, they elope. They go hide out
in this cabin up in the hills.

They were gonna start this
whole new fucking life together.

Then one day...
Terry came home and...
She was just gone.
Terry went crazy.
He put the word out
on the street.

He said, "I'm gonna find the Engineer
and take back what's mine. "

Hunt for the Engineer
and the Engineer hunts you.

What did you say?
It's just this...

When people...
hunt for the Engineer,
they say...
then the Engineer
will hunt you.