High Fidelity

lt´sjust sad, that´s all.
I'm sick ofthe sight ofthis place.
Some days I'm afraid
I'll go berserk...

throw the country "A" through "K" rack
out on the street...

and go work at a Virgin Megastore
and never come back.

- Hello.
- Hey, Liz.
- Hey, Rob.

You know, ljust wantedto call
andthankyou forthat message
yousent me last night.

lt really made me feel
like less ofan asshole.

Oh. Well, how are you holding up?
Good. Good. I mean, look, maybe we´re
just not right for each other, right?

- I mean, or maybe we are.
- Mmm. Yeah.

Time will tellat thispoint,
andifit´s time to move on,
it´s time to move on.

l don´t know. l...
l don´t want to take sides and...

And I like you with Laura.
l thinkyou guys are good together.

And I don´t think much
ofthis lan guy.

Rob, Marie De Salle
is in the store.

l gotta go, Liz.
- We should maybe turn off her music.
- I know.

Hey. I like the music.
Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean,
l can go turn it off ifyou want.

You might be sick of it.
- You should turn it up.
- Oh, right, yeah.
- Yeah.

Okay, let me go do that after I go
do something else that I have to go do.

- All righty. Hmm.
- Yeah, I got the, uh... Excuse me. Okay?

What fucking lan guy?
Laura doesn´t know anybody called lan.
There´s no lan in her office.
She has no friends called lan!

I'm almost certain she has never met
anyone named lan in her entire life.

She lives in an...