I Dreamed of Africa

I understand that most of all.
These last few months,
you, me and Paolo...

...we've been happy, right?
Paolo's selling his house.
He's giving up his job.

He wants you and I to go to Africa
and live with him.

He wants to take care of us.
You mean leave here?
Leave Nonna and Grandpapa?

Wouldn't it be fun to make a new start
in a new place?

You see...
Ema, look at me.
I've stopped growing.
Out you go.
- Will there be elephants where we live?
- There might be.

Go to bed.
- And giraffes?
- Bed. Now!

I'll never go to bed in Africa.
It's Paolo.
I'm not surprised.
We're talking about going to Kenya
to live...

...after we're married.
I know it seems sudden to you.
It's not Venice.
I mean,
have you given any thought at all to...

...how it would be for you and Ema
actually living in Africa?

I mean, it's so unpredictable.
You were always the one that said
I was afraid of a challenge.