Im Juli.

It seems like you can need some luck.
-I'm in more need of a new bag.
-What is this?

-A sun.
-What is a sun?

A ball of gas that the earth,
as well as eight other planets orbit.

The sun light up life. For you,
for her and for me.

-Another word for light is..?

-Another word for light is luck.
-Ah, ok, the ring brings luck.

-You're really smart.
-I'll be a teacher soon.

A teacher? Really?
That's funny.

-What is your name?
-Daniel. Daniel Bannier.

Wonderful name.
-And what is your name?
-I'm July, like the month.

What about the ring?
It's an old maya-ring. The legend
tells us, that the one who carries the ring, -

can recognize luck.
You will soon meet a woman that
also carry a symbol of the sun.

It's only she that can bring you
true happiness.

-How much?

-Don't you like it?
-Yes, but...

Why don't you fight a little for it then?
-Ok, 30.

35. It's all that I've got.
But I really want the ring.

Ok, but only because I like you.
-Thank you.

This is tonight. Stop by.
Thank you so much.
-I'm looking forward to it.
-Me to.