Im Juli.

-Is this your car?
-No, it belongs to a friend of mine.

Where do you want me to drive you?
Where are you going?
Why are you going to Istanbul?
It worked!
What worked?
The lucky ring.
I know it sounds crazy and
illogical, but it worked.

So where is she now?
She flew to Turky on vacation this morning.
Everything I know, is that she'll be
waiting under the Bosporus bridge, friday at noon.

July, she is so....
-By the way, where are you going?

I mean, where are you off to?
-I'm also going to Turky.

To Istanbul.
It's like this:
Every summer, I stand there
where you picked me up -

to leave on vacation.
I go wherever the wind takes me.

The first person that picks me up,
decides where I'm going. You understand?

-You do this every summer?

I've been in the most odd places.
Italia, Spain...

One guy brought me to Afghanistan.
Quite some place to travel to!



You never know where you end up.
It's like buying a surprise pack.

-I see.
-And this year it'll be Turky. Awesome!

I've never been in Turky.
This will be so cool.