Forget it. We are not
to go into that area!

I'll see you!
This is the statue of Alberto
Vasco, the biggest land owner.

He owned more than half the city.
That is how this city
was named Vasco.

When the Portuguese
left Goa 20 years ago...

These big landlords left
their property behind.

They grabbed everything,
but it's good for us.

You'll get the kind
of place you want.

Because there's no real owner.
Driver, stop the car.
I want that house.
- For the company guesthouse.
- Sure. You'll get it.

Bihari, stop these hoodlums!
Why are they breaking my house?

Does the house become yours
if you encroach on it?

You are the tenant. Sign here and
you'll get 5000 or you get nothing.

All right.
I'll meet you at the shop.
Your stool, uncle.
He went there to steal and
the Eagles beat him up!

Idiot! Come on.