See that, D'costa? Sometimes
they fight, sometimes they love...

They should have been married!
The mention of marriage
makes you laugh, huh?

Bichhu married to an Eagle. Where?
In prison!
Did these children fight again?
These children?

Last week they broke 4 street
lights, the entire vegetable market...

And Rodriques' new car.
I would handcuff
them even in jail!

Why do you fight? Want to
show your strength to each other?

I know you are young,
full of spirit.

Instead of breaking each others'
bones, make something of yourselves.

Live together like brothers.
Remember my words,
life is very precious.

Once this time is lost,
it will never return.

Remember my words.
Spare them this time.
They are immature.

- They won't repeat this.
- You're making a mistake.

They are dangerous, not immature!
Yet I spare them for your sake.
Even if you pluck a leaf
from a tree, watch it!

Come on. Move!
Now all of you go away.
Get on with your jobs.
- You got into a fight again?
- No father, they started it!

The dogs...!
But if they start a fight,
we can't keep quiet...