Mother! Did you have
to tell her right now?

I'd have explained to her.
Now she is angry with me.

So? She saw you after two years.
You've been home for barely 5 hours
and you're talking of returning!

Pinhead, see Vasco.
I am confident you won't leave it.
Rest tonight. I'll show you
the sights of Vasco tomorrow.

Come here. Sorry, I'm late.
Some important work cropped up.

This is my brother, Rahul.
He's very educated, a chef.
That means an English cook.

And these are my pals.
That is Lafdu. Chandu.

That is Chottu and Dasan.
And he's special, Bheja Fry.
Those two are the
newcomers, Devand Pepsi.

Why are you smiling? Show
Rahul the sights of Vasco.

So Prakash is the boss
of the Bichhu gang?

Do you know from dogs and cats
to important men, salute him?

We saw Maria's house on the way?
He pays expenses to the guys who
forcibly live there, to evacuate it.

He'll thrash them...
so this is the businessof Bicchu gang
In a while, everyone
will salute you too.

Don't call me a hood!
And there's no need to be my guide.
I'll see the place myself.