- My name is...
- What have you seen in Vasco?

The ground, the beach and the old fort
Have you seen Max?
What is that?
You must meet him.
He'll show you everything.

Lights at night, stars in the day...
You too will like him a lot.
He's a first rate scoundrel!
Why should we talk of that hood, Max?
Do you know why I've called you here?
For lunch.
- Then...? - For many days
I've been wanting to say something.

Each time I see you,
my heart says something.

- What did you say?
- Not to you. There...

- There's nobody there.
- There isn't?

Do you know I met your Daddy?
- When?
- Two days ago.

He was buying brandy.
He was fighting for 3 bucks.
I looked at him and said...
You scoundrel! You've come here too!
- I didn't mean you.
- You meant my Daddy!

Not even your Daddy!
These hoods have come here!
- May I sit here?
- No, we're having a private lunch.