What have you ordered?
- Why are you abusing me?
- It's the name of the dish.

Then say so. What is added to it?
- What? - It's a Chinese dish.
It will have cockroaches.

No, I'll tell you its' ingredients.
It's got noodles and chicken.
Prawns and a few carrots.
Capsicum and mushrooms...
But no cockroaches.
How does one eat it?
Chew it with your teeth.
- And how is the taste?
- Spicy.

A little sweet; a little spicy.
Must be a delicious, sweet feeling.
- Take it away and eat it!
- That's what I think.

- This...
- I thought you meant Rose.

I can't eat your lunch.
These days we're dieting.
- Yes. - You eat it.
- I don't want it.

- Eat it.
- I don't want it!

We're leaving.
Were you not here, I'd have beaten,
cut him and made Manchurian of him!

Eat quietly now.
How can I eat? I wanted to
tell you something special.

You are the largest part of my life...
Hooligan! Max! Why are you after me?
Don't you know?