Prakash has sent us.
He apologizes.
Why are you quiet?
You should apologize.

You cut the noses of Bichhu
gang in front of the Eagles!

Look, you are new here.
You don't know the problems here.
It's good he thrashed that Eagle.
Had I been there, I'd
have castrated him!

If anyone even looks at Max's
sister, Shirley, he blinds him!

Is Shirley, Max' sister?
Twin! She's his twin sister!
How can we spare anyone who
takes a girl from our area out?

We've come here because Prakash
is the leader of Bichhu gang.

He's standing there.
Go and meet him.
He may be your boss.
He's my brother. Don't
teach me what I must do!

- She's coming!
- Butterfly, where are you going?

My rain cloud. Shower on me!
Spare me a glance...
Rent of 1000 bucks
and zero deposit.

A job can be done
without spending money.

I give up, man! You're really
smart! Lafdu, take this.

Do you forgive me?
On one condition.