Look at that Bichhu entering
our area unflinchingly!

Yes, Prakash's brother. Come on!
You Bichhu's don't get
visa to come to our area.

- Don't you know?
- Answer him!

He forgot the answer and the road.
I have to deliver this cake
there. Make way for me.

Else what will you do? Beat us?
Show us some punch, fair villager!

This Captain Cook can only show
examples of cake and pastries.

The baboon! Just watch
how the coward will flee!

Those who run away are cowards.
But those fighting for no
reason are not valiant.

They are fools.
What man...?
Do you have to deliver
the cake with your own hands?

But if you don't have hands...?
Now get out fast or your hands and
legs will be here and the body there.

What border? I don't see any border.
You'll see it. You will
see it before you go blind!

What is this?
Sold just one biscuit all day?