Who were they? Who broke the shop?
It was not us.
I'll break your legs!
What...? I went for a film.
- And you?
- I'd already seen that film.

You fly real high as an eagle.
I'll thrash you so hard
with no clothes on...

Why do you have to take off
your clothes to thrash me?

The day I find one
witness against you...

That day you'll see
how I cut you down to size!

I'm telling you Inspector!
They ran sacked my shop!

Did you see us?
- I didn't but...
- Then call the one who saw.

Ask Rahul! He saw the culprits!
Who broke your shop?
Just one complaint. They will
all rue their existence!

I didn't see it.
Didn't see? Fine, blind bat.
Who did this to you?

Did you see him?
Or Max?
So you too have become a Bichhu?
Like your brother!
Listen... you will pay every penny
of the loss suffered by D'mello.