Where's Bihari? And what's
wrong with your face?

He's gone home.
He'll return in 2 months.

This man! He will never be
around when opportunity knocks!

It's a big job. This is
an international company.

And Bihari...!
Does he have a contact number?
If I do the job...?
- I told you it's a big job.
- How big?

How much land do you need
for a colony for 150 officers?

About 8 to 10 buildings.
Only Bihari can do this job not you.
But we get them vacated.
OK. If the job is done before he
returns, the commission is yours.

Isn't it fair?
I think Shirley is having an affair.
What did you say?
She was with a boy in the fair.
Many boys flirt with her.
To get thrashed by me.
- Who was he?
- That's what I'm saying...

I couldn't see him.
He was too far.

Shirley was waving out to him.
And that smile...
I've never seen that
smile on her face.