I was with Mansi.
Some boys did try to talk to me.
Who was he?
Who was he?
He's in my college. Always
troubles me for my notes.

I don't like anybody troubling you.
And I don't like another thing.
...that you hide things from me.
Tell him, if he troubles you...
...for History or anything else...
I'll ruin his geography!
But what is worrying you?
This was bound to happen.
I'll talk to Max.
No! If you do that,
I'll stop meeting you.

- You don't know Max.
- Then what do we do?

- Do we stop meeting?
- Only for 9 weeks.

If you pray with a true heart for 9
Wednesdays, God grants your wishes.

- You believe this?
- Yes.

- I believe it.
- But I believe in the truth.

And the truth is that
we love each other.

We can never meet unless
we do something ourselves.

Even God can't do anything!
I've done 3 Novenas. For my sake
wait for another 6 weeks.