I'll return it myself.
At least listen.
It's a fantastic deal!

Aparty wants 10 to 12 buildings.
Bihari isn't here. If we can
swing it, We'll get 20 lakhs!

- What do you say?
- Go and break legs.

Get the buildings evacuated.
How many legs do you have
to break for 10 buildings?

I have to break legs.
Or how will the building be vacated?
Where in Vasco city is
there so much vacant land?

Stop. And if I get a vacant plot...?
Where in Vasco is an empty plot?
On what we're standing now.
This ground? It's public property.
Everybody says this land is Vasco's.
But he is dead.
Whom does it belong to now?
- Found it? - No, sir.
How will you find it
when there's no file?

Wasted so much of my time!
There was so much junk! Had you
pried, you'd have found it!

I've found it. The ground
was Alberto Vasco's property.

Then some Mary Ann bought it.