He'll return in the morning.
Say it convincingly.

You guys get lost.
That day I hadn't
come to embarrass Max.

I came to say that your
real father is Alberto Vasco.

He willed the land to your mother.
Other than me, nobody knows this.
If you explain to Max, I can
help this land be yours legally.

If not, even then
I won't tell anyone.

Not even to Prakash.
But remember one thing.
You put me under a lot of tension.
- Are you all right now?
- Yes.

Who did this?
Don't tell us. In any case, we've
decided to crush the Eagles tomorrow.

It was only Max.
So what's the problem?
He has found out
about Shirley and me.

And you kept it from me.
- I was going to tell you.
- I see. But you didn't.

- Anything else?
- No.

- Is that all?
- Yes.

Relax. Stay here tonight.
Or mother will worry.
- What do you think of Shirley?
- Good item.