Keeping the Faith

- How upset are they?
- Let's just say
they're less than thrilled.

-To be honest, we're less than thrilled.
-Okay, with what, specifically?

With what, specifically?
Well, with guided meditation,

With stand-up comedy sermons,

With your loose, improvisational style,

Okay, with people
actually enjoying services?
People-- People showing up at all?

To be serenaded by
the Harlem-freaking-Gospel Choir?

- At least they were praying.
- It was a hell of
an "Ein Keloheinu, " Lar.

- It's not kosher, Rabbi Lewis!
- Larry, what does that mean?

I have to tell you what kosher means?
Study your gemara!

I mean, is this you too?
Do you feel the same way?

It's not your ideas.
Your ideas are very good.

But sometimes you're a little aggressive
in the execution.

Yeah, but, Ben, come on!
I mean, I mean, it was working!

I know, I know, I know, I know.
- You like to shake things up,
and that's good.
- When it works, yeah.

But you have to appreciate the fact
that a lot of people come here
for a sense of continuity.

It's not just the board.
I-It's your congregation, Jake.

Mrs-- Mrs Katz likes to sing the
"Ein Keloheinu" the way she knows it.

- Tradition is not old habit.
- All right, I'm-- I'm--

- No. It's comforting to people.
- Okay, but I'm not interested
i-in baby-sitting Mrs Katz.

I-I wanna-- I wanna push people
to grow and expand.

- Otherwise, what are we doing?
- I know, I know, I know.

But you have to be patient
with them.

I think you'll get a-- you'll find
that people will go a lot farther...

if you-- if they feel
they're being led and not pushed.

Good for you, Anna.
Oh, I'm so proud of you.

No more of this
"woman behind the man" shit.

Half the men I know
are completely unworthy
of the opportunities they've had.

You know, as a woman on your own,
trying to make your mark...

what do you do with that victory energy
at the end of the day, you know?

- I mean, don't you want
someone to share it with?
- Well, do what they do. Take lovers.

- I've had more dates than Jake.
- Mom.

It's true.