Keeping the Faith

- Did you ever just wanna
be free of that thing?
- No-- You don't understand.

I-- I have a relationship
with my phone.

We have a chemistry together.
I can't explain it.

Yeah, well,
chemistry's a funny thing.

Yes, it is. Are you speaking
abstractly or specifically?

Well, looks like
I'm going to Baghdad.

Two seconds. Two seconds.
So, it was a pleasure.

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah. Take care.
- It was nice to meet you.

- Yes. Good luck to both of you.
- Thank you.
- I'll talk to you soon.

- Okay. All right. Okay.
- Okay.

- I'll-- I'll talk to you.
- Okay. Okay, call me.

- All right. Okay, thank you.
- Okay. Call me soon.

- Thanks again.
- Okay. Bye.
- Bye.

What are you thinking about
right now?

Oh, it's funny.
I was at the Met yesterday.

- Again?
- I go every week now. And I
noticed this little painting.

It was a watercolour
by Bonnard, and I've probably
passed it every single time...

and I don't know why,
but this time I looked at it.

And I was just-- I was riveted.
It was so beautiful.

That's all. I was just wondering
why I never saw it before.

Well, I mean, sometimes...
we don't see certain things
till we're ready to see'em...

in a certain way.
You know?
Very true.
Hey, what's going on
with Ruth and Ethan?

Oh, uh--
Ethan married a Catholic girl,
and that did not go over well.

- That's why they're fighting?
- No, no, they're not fighting.
They're not talking.

Two years now, no comunicado.
- Are you serious?
- Totally. It's--

What? Weren't they
really close, though?